Global News: New App ‘Hinge’ Comes to Canada

Quoted by Erika Tucker for Global News:

“The market is saturated by dating apps, but I think there’s an appetite for different digital environments, different contexts, and different ways of meeting people, even online,” said Ramona Pringle, assistant professor in the RTA School of Media and Creative Director of the Transmedia Zone at Toronto’s Ryerson University. “Just as people could meet in the library, or in a coffee shop, or at a club – and all of those would be different contexts – there is an appeal to meeting people in different ways online.

One on hand, it limits the pool to choose from, but on the other hand, it creates more commonalities, and perhaps more chance of friends, schools, or past experiences in common, all of which are quick bonds in the early conversations with a new suitor,” she said.

You can meet someone totally new, but also be very likely to discover you have friends in common, or other similarities based on the network and how matches are made,” she said. “That idea of enhanced serendipity – meeting someone on the street or in a coffee shop and then discovering that you went to camp together as kids, or that your cousin knows their boss …  a chance encounter – and the app is designed to create more of those experiences.”

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