Global News: BlackBlue/White dress debate

From Global News Toronto: Looking at the social phenomenon of “the dress” that’s gone viral and why some people can see its true colours.   Watch the full clip onl


CTV News Channel: Console Wars

With the launch of the XBox One and The PS4… consoles are vying to become the center of family entertainment in the home. What sets this generation of consoles apart from their predecessors? Watch the full clip onl


Globe and Mail: Sex at the Pyramids. Bare butts at Angkor Wat. What is going on?

Quoted by Jim Byers in The Globe and Mail: … Professor Ramona Pringle, who teaches at the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, says she does not agree with folks who label selfie fanatics as narcissists. “I can see that as a first response, and I can see why museums worry about selfie

READ MORE Paying for YouTube – The next experiment in the TV revolution

Quoted by Diane Buckner for “It’s very hard to go from free to a subscription model,” says Ramona Pringle, creative director of Ryerson University’s Transmedia Zone. “With Netflix, paying has always been the deal. With YouTube, the users are content creators as much as they’re content consumers. They’re part of the value proposition. That could