Paranoia is an interactive narrative video project produced as both an immersive installation and an online screen-based project. Blurring documentary and fiction, Paranoia examines personal space, privacy and fear. Paranoia is an ongoing development of Emotional Perception in the Interactive Cinematic Experience – my Master’s thesis research and production – which explores the evolving role of the voyeur, and the impact of emotional perception and free will in the narrative experience.


Paranoia is a constructed story-world in which the viewer is an active participant, or character. Through the integration of interactivity with the classical storytelling principles of Kurosawa, Hitchcock and Kuleshov, the traditional fourth wall of cinema is removed, allowing the viewer to enter the story-world as both the watcher and the one being watched. The immersive scenario enables a unique version of an unfolding narrative, based on each viewer’s behavior, curiosity and empathy.